Ball Game

I did a bunch of Unity Tutorials and then decide to take what i learned and put it into a small test game.

Lazer Knuckkles

Lazer Knuckles (My second game) was created during a Game Jam hosted by the Dallas Society of Play.


SageBall is a multiplayer couch coop sports game where you battle your way to the opponent’s goal using unique superpowers and abilities. The game is simple, push the sageball into your opponents goal to score. Select your favorite hero, fight through exotic locales, and become The Sage.
The game is publish on Steam.
We alslo won best Multiplayer game at DreamHack 2019.
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Category: Best Multiplayer


Testing the Health Script for the UI.

Test the UI Bullet Chamber to make sure it is depleting as I fire my bullets.

Trainwrek Inventory and Upgrade test. I’m accessing the inventory menu and upgraded bullet clipsize. Testing to see if the reloaded clip size updated in the UI.

Testing the Player Movement Script.

Catcher in the Raven

Testing the Leader board functionality.


I just started working on a game for the Lunar New Year Jam 2020. This is my progress so far.

Created a partial effect sun. I changed particles  so that hey face outward from the center instead of facing the camera. I also created a script that allows the planet make an elliptical orbit around the star and the moon to make and elliptical orbit around the planet.

When the player uses the warp drive to boost the of view is increased and the warp particle effect activated to give the player a since of movement and speed. The  trail tenderer is activated to give the player a since of space orientation.

Brawling Ablaze

Added Hitboxes and Hurtbox to the game.

When the Hitboxes intersects with Hurtbox animations and Sound FXs are triggered.

Camera Looks at the midpoint between players. Camera position is set off the forward direction of the midpoint. If the player moves beyond the boundary of the screen the camera moves backward and upwards. If the characters move towards each beyond the inward boundary the camera moves down and in.

Space Repair/Robot Repair

Global Game Jam Game

You play as a robot on an damage space craft you have 20 second to repair all the damage.

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Jarvis Hill

  • Programmer
  • Audio and Music Manager